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Tech Xzon is your expert partner for the design, production, and construction of commercial and institutional greenhouses for research, agriculture, and horticulture growing environments. Our plans are scheduled and planned around your specific instrument and operational needs.

When we design greenhouse structures, our first priority is to ensure the quality of the plant environment. Creating an environment that encourages the growth of plants and protects them from the ingredients should, above all, be the primary function of any greenhouse.

In order to provide optimal performance, we focus on producing greenhouses that are powerful and that will hold up over time and against the misuse of components such as rain and wind. In addition to using only the highest quality building materials available to us, we also use the most sophisticated production equipment.

We provide a complete set of construction blueprints for all of our greenhouse structures.

Lifetime Care
We will help you manage the lifecycle of your equipment from commissioning to retirement and appropriate environmental solutions.

Terms & Conditions

You will only have to pay service charges and the cost of materials or spare parts (if taken)BDT 500 (Dhaka), BDT 800 (near Dhaka), BDT 1500 (other districts) will have to be paid as visiting fee if no service is available.Near the Dhaka Covered Areas are Tongi, Gazipur, Savar, Keraniganj, Narayanganj, Sonargaon, and Narsingdi.

We also offer free or demo visits on customer's request.
In the case of Preventive Maintenance and Annual Maintenance Contract, Ultimate Service Plan is given after contacting us.

By Quality Control in favor of “Tech Xzon” after completing service.

Tech Xzon gives 90 days of European Standard Service Warranty. However, the warranty on consumable materials or spare parts is as per the manufacturer.

If you cancel the services after technicians or engineers reach your site then you just have to pay BDT 500 (Dhaka), BDT 800 (near Dhaka), and BDT 1500 (other districts) as a visiting charge.

Safety Measures
Customers will be solely responsible for their personal materials and the safety of workplace resources.

After-service completion, the customer automatically discharges Tech Xzon from further liabilities.

Night Shift Services
Night services start from 8:00 pm to 8:00 am. Minimum three (3) Hours Lead time after-service booking.

Additional Information
In excess of BDT 1500 will be charged as Emergency Service Support Charge.

If for any reason the customer refuses to take service after order confirmation, only the Emergency Support Service Charge will be applicable

Tech Xzon will not be liable for any direct or incidental loss/damage to the customer’s property or personal security during availing the services, caused by accident, theft, burglary, or any other type of incidental damages.

The customer is singularly responsible for monitoring, using, and supervising the activities provided by Service providers.


Yes, the price mentioned is estimated and can vary depending on the scope of work or product availability, etc.

Usually, repair services are provided at customer sites, if required the instrument engineer/technician might have to take the electric circuit board or parts to the workshop for repair.

After the correct diagnosis, a tested engineer/technician will start servicing accordingly. Depending on the scope of work and hardware availability, the service time will typically take up to five (5) hours. And take more time if necessary.

Yes, our on-site service calls can be scheduled within three (3) hours of lead time. However, emergency orders will be served depending on the availability of engineers/technicians.

Yes, emergency services are provided. The visiting charge for emergency orders has to be paid in excess of BDT 1500.

A greenhouse is a structure with walls and roofs that are mainly made of transparent material, such as glass, where controlled climate systems are made, which are needed for plants to grow.

Most laboratory equipment requires regular maintenance to ensure that the results of the research are valid and that the equipment is working without delay. It’s important to be aware of the manufacturer’s recommendations for the maintenance period. So we seriously calibrate the equipment during maintenance, the potential spare parts are replaced, and the overall functions are tested.

An annual maintenance contract is an agreement between a company and a service provider that sets out expectations for the ongoing maintenance of equipment, software, or property that the company purchases from the supplier. More along the lines of a traditional OEM service contract. However, Tech Xzon can work on multiple devices from multiple vendors.

Customers will enjoy a 90 days warranty from the day of receiving service from Tech Xzon support providers or service-centers. This is the industry’s highest warranty period in Bangladesh. This limited warranty applies to any replacement Product or part, or to any repair, for the remainder of the original warranty period or for 90 days from its shipment to you, whichever period is longer. And this limited warranty applies only within the European Union and within countries of the European Free Trade Association where the Products are available for sale to customers located in such countries.

Why Choose Us?

Our engineers are well-trained and have experience and expertise in this field. Their backgrounds are thoroughly checked out in detail. From installation to complete service, they will do it expertly.

Ordering equipment repair services from us is so simple. You can easily, hassle-free, and quickly hire expert engineers and technicians from us.

You can hire professional engineers on the same budget or less than any local engineers near you. We will provide expert engineers to install/repair/calibrate your equipment.

Our specialist engineers and technicians will give you all-high quality support. We maintain a European standard services warranty.

We are committed to providing superior products and services to our customers. A promise to deliver total satisfaction, every time, is a bold statement.

Our specialist engineers and technicians offer safe services for you. They will handle your equipment services with care.

We keep everything you need for your work ready on-time on-side. We use the best tools and equipment that are compatible with your instruments.

Our client is having daily and weekly activities to be performed with each piece of equipment. We maintain installation, service, maintenance, and calibration reports & plans for every daily activity for each piece of equipment.

Dental Part Suppliers:

Tech Xzon has access to top-name greenhouse part suppliers, such as “Coming Soon” making replacement and reinstallation of parts easy and affordable.