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Original Casio Desktop Calculator MJ 120D Calculator Best Price In Bangladesh

৳ 925
Key Features Model: MJ-120D 150 Steps Check & Tax Keys Digit: 12 Digits Display Power Sources: Solar & Battery Tax calculation & Function command signs Warranty: 1-Year Brand Warranty Read More

Original Casio Fx-100MS-2 Scientific Calculator Best Price In Bangladesh

৳ 1,590
Key Features Model: Fx-100MS-2 Drop-resistant body Environmentally friendly Authenticity Check Web Authenticity Check System Warranty: 3-Year Brand Warranty Read More

Original Casio FX-991CW Scientific Calculator Best Price In Bangladesh

৳ 2,350
Key Features Model: FX-991CW Approachable Design Easy-Push Keys High-definition & 4-gradation display Easy-to-Understand Key Labeling Warranty: 3-Year Brand Warranty Read More

Original Casio FX-991ES Plus II Scientific Calculator Best Price In Bangladesh

৳ 2,500
Key Features Model: Casio FX-991ES Plus II 9 variables, Table function, slide on hard case, Dot matrix display 12 digits (10 + 2 digits) Power Sources: Solar & Battery Warranty: 3-Year Brand Warranty Read More

Original Casio Fx-991EX Scientific Calculator Best Price In Bangladesh

৳ 2,350
Key Features Model: Classwiz Fx-991EX High-resolution LCD, QR code Generation Solar+Battery, Intuitive icon display Visualization with graphs 552 functions, Interactive format Warranty: 3-Year Brand Warranty Read More

Gadget and Gear Price in Bangladesh

Get the best price on Gadget and Gear in Bangladesh. Find the latest Gadgets at the lowest prices in TECHXZON Gadget & Gear Online Shop.

Bangladesh Gadget and Gear Shop Offers the Latest Gadgets at the Lowest Prices

Gadgets, also known as gizmos or gears, refer to small, smart tools that serve unique functions. While the term had been known for some time, its popularity soared during World War 1 as it was the name of the first atomic bomb developed in Project Manhattan. These devices are an integral part of our daily lives, from smartwatches to TV boxes and earphones. As technology continues to evolve, modern gadgets have seen significant improvements, leading to newer and upgraded versions. Whether you are heavily reliant on technology or more minimalistic, chances are you have at least a few gadgets at home, as they have become a practical part of our daily routines. These gadgets come in various shapes and sizes, including well-known tech products such as smartwatches, smart bands, TV boxes, smart home appliances, and more.

Optimize Your Daily Efficiency with The newest wearable Tech and Accessories

As previously mentioned, we rely on a variety of gadgets in our daily lives. When we think of smart gadgets, smartwatches and smart bands are the first things that come to mind. These wearable gadgets are designed to complement smartphones and offer a wide range of features to assist users in various ways. While smartwatches and smart bands were once considered premium gear, their growing popularity has made them an integral part of our everyday routines.

By pairing with smartphones, these devices provide remote access, allowing users to send and read messages, make calls, and use multiple apps and functionalities without having to directly access their phones. Equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, they boast backlit LED or OLED displays with enhanced pixel count and improved display quality, all while maintaining superior battery life.

There are numerous reputable manufacturers that produce smartwatches, including Zeblaze, Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, Realme, Havit, Lenovo, and many more. On the other hand, smart bands are smaller versions of smartwatches that are tailored towards health-conscious individuals, offering features focused on activities and exercise tracking. Xiaomi and Huawei are the dominant players in the smart band market in Bangladesh, although there are also a plethora of lesser-known Chinese brands that offer some models. Additionally, Apple manufactures its own unique line of proprietary watches known as Apple iWatch.

Most common Gadget and gears used in Daily life

In addition to watches, our daily lives are filled with a wide array of smart gadgets and gear, accompanying us from the moment we wake up until we go to sleep. From smart door locks to specialized security systems, these gadgets come in diverse forms and serve various functions. We are practically surrounded by them, from Xiaomi Smart Masks to Google Chromecast dongles, power banks, earphones, TV boxes, streaming decks, gimbals, smart wifi sockets, wireless adapters, smart locks, home surveillance systems, and so much more. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of manufacturers and customer demand, updated versions of these gadgets are continuously being released with enhanced features and improved performance.

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